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GIN Gin is a spirit with a long history
It is said that the first recorded mention of
a juniper spirit or “genever“ (from French genévrier: juniper) was from the Hessian-Dutch physician Franz de le Boe in the 17th century. When William of Orange, governer of the Netherlands, ascended the Anglo-Scottish throne in 1689, he brought genever to the British Isles. Genever became «gin» and its triumphant march began.

Even today, the production of gin is governed by various legal definitions.

The highest quality level is «London Dry Gin» which is raw alcohol re-distilled with botanicals but with no added sugar or other ingredients.

English CREATION Our Swiss Gin London Dry was created after ten months of testing and blind tasting. We have remained faithful to the idea and the origins of making «Classic» gin:
juniper is in the foreground but does not completely dominate; typical Alpine herbs and other botanicals provide the taste with a fine fresh finish.

The production process is an important aspect of quality and from years of carefully producing grain spirits, we attach great importance to our copper pot still in the re-distillation of this gin.

Our special Steam Circulation Method ensures a constantly repeated aroma release from the botanicals, so that gently, first the volatile and then the less volatile aromas are assumed into the alcohol vapour. The result is a round, intense complexity without any harsh, edgy characteristics.

INGREDIENTS Typical Swiss Alpine botanicals and clear mountain spring water give character to our Swiss Gin London Dry.
The most suitable «gin» plants, native to our region, the Grisons Alps, are crucial to its production.

During the distillation process, the plant aromas are gently extracted under steam to flavour the alcohol. This secret mix of botanicals determines the keynote or signature of the gin.

It is the expertise and experience of the distiller that ensures the desired taste and consistent recipe from distillation to distillation.
We firmly believe that quality in all aspects (including the selection of botanicals and the careful processes) and respect for our product and our consumers make all the difference.

English INDULGENCE The round, intense complexity of our Swiss Gin London Dry is perfect as a classic gin and tonic, but it can also be given a more modern twist by adding garnishes of fresh fruits and herbs, such as: blueberries & thyme; grapefruit; raspberries & rose petals; cucumber & rosemary.

The Swiss Gin London Dry is both reliable and versatile depending on your taste preferences and can be served as an aperitif, digestive or as a long drink.

Suggested recipe Gin Tonic Classic
5cl Swiss Gin London Dry Gin
20cl Tonic Water
thin slice of fresh lemon
Ice cubes at will

ORIGIN The Swiss Gin London Dry is a product of HighGlen Whisky Distillery in Santa Maria.

Santa Maria is nestled in the Val Müstair Nature Park (Münstertal), adjacent to the Swiss National Park in the canton of Grisons.
Untouched nature, careful management of forest and land as well as a large biodiversity of flora and fauna characterize the valley.

The HighGlen Whisky Distillery, est. 2014, is a classic family business under the direction of the owner Gunter Sommer.
With careful and precise artisanal work,
long-standing expertise and an innovative interpretation of traditional production processes, spirits of the highest quality are produced here.

The energy requirements of the distillation processes are from renewable solar sources. With about 200 sunny days a year, we can be environmentally friendly and «run by the sun».

A gin full of character, bringing
together Swiss Alpine botanicals and clear
mountain spring water
in a delightful recipe.
gently distilled in a copper pot still.
This gin is hand crafted with passion.